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Sexy Mistress Lea is relaxing at her computer when she realizes that she needs a comfortable place to rest her pretty feet while wearing her filthy sneakers. She orders her slave down onto the floor and places her dirty shoes right over his face and makes him lick them clean while she plays on her computer. Once she is satisfied with his work, she takes off her shoes and lets him smell her dirty socks.

Mistress Lea is a beautiful young foot fetish mistress in Nike Air sneakers and sexy stockings who abuses her slave with her feet. First she makes him lick all the dirt off her shoes then she starts trampling him and facestanding on him with her full weight. She walks on him like a human carpet and puts him through humiliation and pain from her crushing his body all over.

Mistress Lea takes a walk in the park with her boyfriend. They have been walking around a while and she got hot and sweaty. Her boyfriend starts to fight with her and she stops to teach him a lesson. She puts her shoes in his face so she can humiliate him with shoelicking. She takes her shoes off and puts her sweaty, smelly socks in his face so he can lick them.

Mistress Lea loves to share her slaves with her other dominating friends. She invites Mistress Rebela and Mistress Demonia over because they are the most cruel friends that she has. They make the slave lie on the floor and they go to work on trampling him. He lies there humiliated while all three girls trample him, jump up and down on his body and abuse him with painful ballbusting.

The sexy Mistress Lea find this foot slave on the bridge and uses his tongue to clean the dirt and mud from her dirty sneakers. She has him lick all of the mud from her converse shoes and it is a sneaker fetish at its finest. The slave must clean her sneakers thoroughly getting all of the dirt and the grime off from the bottom of her sexy black sneakers

Mistress Lea is going for a walk with her foot slave out in the snow when she decides to give him an extreme trampling, she delivers one hard kicking ballbusting blow repeatedly as she climbs on top of him trampling his body. This foot femdom then stands on his head humiliating him as she laughs at his pain that she is causing while he worships her dirty sneakers while she jumps on him.

Mistress Lea and Gorgeous Lady Kitty are making a walk outside in the snow. Thats the perfect location to make the slave obey and teach him some lessons. They make him kneel in front of them and lick their with snow covered sneakers clean. After that they make him swallow their spit and eat up dirt from their shoes...

Mistress Lea and sexy Lady Kitty are standing in their kitchen as they are having a small conversation. While they are talking to each other they keep standing on their slaves body with their full weight and sneakers on. He has to carry them both and both girls are nearly ignoring him as they even trample his head full weight...

Mistress Lea and mistress Kitty are sitting on a couch and talking to each other. Suddenly Kitty has the idea to call her slave to entertain them. He crawls over to them and starts to lick their dirty sneakers clean. They laugh at him and humiliate him by removing their shoes and making him smell their stinky socks...

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