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The SadoSisters have just kidnapped a poor little faggot and now they start to torture him very violently. First they beat him and kick his balls until he is lying on the ground. Then they keep him trapped under a training device and next they sit on it while they force him to inhale her stinky smelly sneakers.

The SadoSisters make their slave worship and lick their stinky sneakers. While one of them is sitting on a gym training device which is placed on his chest to fix him, the other one is making him smell her stinky sneaker from inside. Then he is made to lick their bare feet...

The evil SadoSisters Layla and Jane like having you down on the ground next to their shoes where they can command and control you! In this clip they make you worship and lick the soles of their dirty sneakers. They laugh at you the whole time and visibly enjoy their power over you.

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