Sneakers Femdom - Hot chicks dominate loser slaves with their sneakers - Page 92

First she makes her slave lie down on the glass floor then she sits on his face with her sexy tight spandex. After she has flattened his head for a while she tramples him with her stinky sneakers. Then she removes her shoes to make him smell her stinky feet and in the end she even gets out of her socks to make him worship her bare feet.

Mistress Katja has brought a bunch of shoes she wants to use to trample her slave's head. First she puts on a pair of winter boots with a hard sole which cause extreme pain. Next she tries her converse-style ballet shoes and her well-worn sneakers before she finally tramples his head under her sexy bare feet.

Stephanie and Emmanuelle brought their foot slave to public stairs where they sit down while he lies at their feet and licks the dirt from their sneaker soles. The girls are just chatting while everyone can see their dirty slave licking all the street dirt from their shoes.

Two very sexy but also cruel ladies are having fun by trampling one slave with their sneakers. They are standing on his chest, arms, legs and even on his face and head with their full and entire body weight. All this loser can do is waiting for the end of the punishment...

Mistress Kelly and sexy Lady Buffy are having a lot of fun with their humiliated cuckold. He is just one of those millimeter sized dick owners and that's a basement for a special treatment they think. So both girls are trampling and punishing this loser for being not able to satisfy any woman.

Mistress Mercedes is having her loyal pet laying on the ground next to her perfect feet. First she takes off her sneakers to put them right on her slaves face and to make him inhale the stinky scent. Then she takes off her socks to humiliate him much more by pressing her bare feet on the backside of those sneakers...

Mistress Maeva forces her slave to clean her dirty sneakers after a long jogging. He has to lick all the dirt from her shoes before she takes them off and forces him to smell the stinky sweat-soaked socks. In the end he has to suck the sweat from her bare feet and toes too.

Mistress Cathy tells you that you are just a loser for her! And to prove it, she commands you to get closer to her. Of course you are following her instructions because you ARE the loser she talks about. Next she wants you to be humiliated by her - so she sits in your face right after she made you lick the dirt off her sexy sneakers...

Lady Katja has just stolen a complete toy model train station. Next she puts it on the ground and crushes the whole train set with her sexy pink sneakers. She laughs and keeps trampling and cracking everything into tiny pieces. She kicks and crushes and is visibly amused about her anger.

This sexy Asian mistress is really mean and demanding. She sits on a chair and smokes a cigarette as you are having her sneakers in your face all the time. First you have to worship them and in between you have to open your mouth and be a good living ashtray for her.

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