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Lady Katja has just stolen a complete toy model train station. Next she puts it on the ground and crushes the whole train set with her sexy pink sneakers. She laughs and keeps trampling and cracking everything into tiny pieces. She kicks and crushes and is visibly amused about her anger.

This sexy Asian mistress is really mean and demanding. She sits on a chair and smokes a cigarette as you are having her sneakers in your face all the time. First you have to worship them and in between you have to open your mouth and be a good living ashtray for her.

Mistress Lily Anna sits on the couch and watches TV. While she is totally relaxed and concentrated on the daily soap she ignores her foot slut who lies on the ground next to her feet. She moves her soles up over his face, lowers them and simply uses him as living foot chair.

Lady Buffy and the Dark Mistress are having an outdoor humiliation session! They want to teach their slave a lesson in being a better slave. So they leashed him, and now they trample him with their full body weight. Their shoes are totally covered with mud and dirt and both girls find it really amusing having a slave to their feet...

The teenage Mistress Nadine is a spoiled arrogant and snobby brat bitch! She loves torturing her slaves and finds it amusing to humiliate them. In this clip she sits on a chair and has her slave laying on the ground offering his face as footstool for her. She laughs and makes use of it as she deserves...

Mistress Lea and Gorgeous Lady Kitty are making a walk outside in the snow. Thats the perfect location to make the slave obey and teach him some lessons. They make him kneel in front of them and lick their with snow covered sneakers clean. After that they make him swallow their spit and eat up dirt from their shoes...

Mistress Lady Cathy has one of her slaves laying on the ground. First she walks over his hands and later she makes him carry her full weight as she walks over his body. Then she gets out of her sneakers to trample her slave with her stinky smelly socks - she also makes him inhale her foot stank and there is nothing he can do against it.

Mistress Katja wants to try her new soccer sneakers on the slave's body and to make it even harder for him she orders him to lie down on the stairs. She tramples his body and face without mercy - digging the studs deep into his flesh. The slave moans in pain and begs her to stop - but she'll only stop if she wants to!

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