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Maeva has the dirtiest black sneakers anyone has ever seen. but she has a easy foot and sole slave. He willingly licks her converse shoes until they are clean. She is not satisfied so she pulls off her shoes and puts her smelly socks in his face and does a little facetrampling before stuffing her bare toes in his hot mouth.

Princess Pumagirly is wearing her favorite pink sneakers that she normally uses to crush things with. Her favorite thing to crush is a nice hard cock. She calls her slave over for some humiliation and the femdom uses her converse shoes to walk back and forth on his hard cock

Princess Pumagirly always has good taste in her shoes, she loves making her shoe slave worship her shoes as she headstands humiliating him as she laughs in his face. She loves shoving her converse shoes in her slaves face making him lick her dirty shoes clean. This sneaker Femdom loves making her shoe slave take whatever she can dish out without complaining, it makes her laugh and smile at how pathetic he is.

Princess Pumagirly loves headstanding on her shoe slaves face in her stinky sneakers. She loves humiliating her slave by shoving her converse shoes in her slaves mouth making him give it a good shoe licking cleaning her shoes and giving them a good shine. Puma girly really loves making her slaves suffer as they worship her shoes and smiles during the whole torture until she feels that her slave has had enough.

See the blonde spitting femdom Mistress Cathy as she takes her outdoor femdom skills to the next level when she chews on a candy bar and spits it to the ground stepping on it with her converse shoes crushing it in the dirt. She wants to make you her little foot slave and give you sneaker licking instructions full of sock smelling, sneaker licking foot fetish. This is a hot sneaker worship scene that must be seen!

Mistress Chris gives a savage beat down on a man who needs to be punished, i couldn't look away as blow by blow she beats him to the floor with her sneakers trampling him while he lays on the ground. Mistress Chris then makes her humiliated foot slave stand as she takes her converse shoes and pummels him once again until he falls to the floor from the ball busting experience he receives, she then rolls him onto his back as she begins walking all over him. Her foot slave can't help but be turned on by her stinky shoes and realizes he has a sneaker fetish and gives in to his feelings. I couldn't get enough of this sneaker licking, sock smelling foot slave took his beating without any issue!

Mistress Mercedes is having her loyal pet laying on the ground next to her perfect feet. First she takes off her sneakers to put them right on her slaves face and to make him inhale the stinky scent. Then she takes off her socks to humiliate him much more by pressing her bare feet on the backside of those sneakers...

This sexy Asian mistress is really mean and demanding. She sits on a chair and smokes a cigarette as you are having her sneakers in your face all the time. First you have to worship them and in between you have to open your mouth and be a good living ashtray for her.

Mistress Emo Brat Lolli is trampling out all the money her poor slave has got. She asks him to give it all to her and if he won't instantly follow her commands, she will continue her evil torturing session. She tramples his face with her stinky chucks and as she removes them she continues with her smelly socks. Later she even stands on his head barefooted...

The sexy Puma girly loves to bust her slaves balls. In this clip she kicks his balls several times and makes him say "Please mistress, continue kicking and busting my balls" - what she of course does. The slave is at the end of his power but she always makes him speak those magic words which guide them back to the beginning, over and over again...

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