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See the blonde spitting femdom Mistress Cathy as she takes her outdoor femdom skills to the next level when she chews on a candy bar and spits it to the ground stepping on it with her converse shoes crushing it in the dirt. She wants to make you her little foot slave and give you sneaker licking instructions full of sock smelling, sneaker licking foot fetish. This is a hot sneaker worship scene that must be seen!

Mistress Cathy's feet stink! She has worn sneakers all day long and now it's time to grant a break to her feet. She takes off her stinky sneakers. The first thing she makes you do is sniffing them for her. Then she makes you lick them clean. After she is done she wants you to inhale her stinky socks. Finally you are allowed to lick the dirt right off her stinky bare feet.

Mistress Cathy tells you that you are just a loser for her! And to prove it, she commands you to get closer to her. Of course you are following her instructions because you ARE the loser she talks about. Next she wants you to be humiliated by her - so she sits in your face right after she made you lick the dirt off her sexy sneakers...

Cathy stands right in front of you. She ignores you and decides to humiliate you. She wears a military dress. Suddenly she starts to spit on the ground. She repeats her spitting over and over again. Then she rubs her sneaker soles over the spit. Guess what she wants from you as she slowly lifts it up and shows it to you?

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