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If you have a shoe fetish and a spitting fetish then you have come to the right place. Sue is happy to satisfy both. She is a very energetic and lively mistress who works out a lot. She spits all over her sneakers while they are still on her feet then takes them off so she can put a thick layer of saliva on the shoes for you to lick off.

Sweetbaby was kept in after school due to her poor grades. Her teacher tried to touch Sweetbaby immoral but she was having none of it as she turned the tides on her teacher and slapped him hard across the face.The teacher must grovel at her feet and kiss the sexy blonde white sneakers. Now he must give her an A grade after licking and kissing Nike shoes.

This slave is in the middle of the woods and he must cater to his goddess, the lovely Lady Morgana dressed in her sneakers, short argyle skirt and black top. The shirtless slave licks Lady Morgana's sneakers making sure to clean up the mud and all the dirty spots to leave them sparkling clean. As a reward for his licking of her sneakers the French mistress spits on him

Cathy stands right in front of you. She ignores you and decides to humiliate you. She wears a military dress. Suddenly she starts to spit on the ground. She repeats her spitting over and over again. Then she rubs her sneaker soles over the spit. Guess what she wants from you as she slowly lifts it up and shows it to you?

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