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When Miss Chloee gets home from the gym, she sits on her bed. She props her feet up and takes off her smelly sneakers. She calls her slave to her so that he can worship her feet. Her socks are soaked with sweat and she knows they stink badly. When her slave comes to her, she will make him put his face into her feet and sniff for hours. She loves this time of the day.

Mistress Lea is one cruel mistress. She tied a noose around her slave's neck and pulled it. While the slave, with his hands tied to his back struggled to breathe, she kicked him with her sneakers, made him lick the soles of the sneakers and made him smell her stinking socks too.

Mistress Katja, the blonde bombshell, makes her foot slave worship her pink bubblegum shoes and stinky feet. She first tapes his mouth shut because she despises her slaves to yell while she is giving them brutal humiliation. Katja smashes her shoes into his big nose and orders him to take a big whiff of them and her sweaty socks. She then stuffs her manicured toes one by one in his mouth to suck.

Mistress Lydie loves making her shoe slave take a beating outdoors as she gives him a good head and face standing that he will never forget. She makes him worship her dirty stinky sneakers as she gives him a ball busting that he deserves as she tramples all over his body. This is one full bodies beat down that you will never forget and will want to pass along to others to see how it's done.

Princess Pumagirly loves headstanding on her shoe slaves face in her stinky sneakers. She loves humiliating her slave by shoving her converse shoes in her slaves mouth making him give it a good shoe licking cleaning her shoes and giving them a good shine. Puma girly really loves making her slaves suffer as they worship her shoes and smiles during the whole torture until she feels that her slave has had enough.

Mistress Puma girly always needs to test her slave's carpet abilities. This time she stands on his head with her full body weight. She wears two different colored shoes and you can hear her laughing as she makes him suffer under her. Then he is made to lick those sneakers clean as reward.

Those sexy Asian Mistresses demand to be worshipped by you. They sit on chairs while you are kneeling on the ground in front of them. They tell you to lick their sneakers clean and keep holding their dirty soles right into your face. As reward they also spit into your face...

Mistress Katja made a nice short walk outside in the forest. As she returns she takes off her shoes and makes her slave lick them clean and also smell them from inside. He performs all of his assignments and as reward this lucky guy is allowed to lick and worship his mistress sexy bare and naked feet. He smells them and rubs them all over his face...

As mistress Lily Anna arrives home from a big jogging tour, she first has a place on her sofa and then she gets out of her sneakers and socks. The socks are wet and smell very bad, her sneakers also do! She smiles in the camera, shows off her bare feet and talks to you as her slave in point of view.

Alyzee was jogging outside in the park as she noticed a noise in a copse. She lifts it and surprised a voyeur! She is angry and decides to teach him a lesson. She makes him smell her stinky jogging shoes and commands him to lick the dirt off the sole. He follows her instructions very well but she doesn't let him get away since she has a lot of fun humiliating him she also makes him worship her warm wet black socks...

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